How to Get to my office:

I made the video below if that’s more helpful, but in short:

  • I’m in the Office Park Drive area in Mountain Brook off Highway 280


  • Just turn in between the Regions and Wells Fargo banks and

  • Just drive up the hill and around the curve, passing Building 300 on your left…

  • Next on your left after 300 with be the combined Buildings 400 and 402.

  • I’m in 402, or “The Parkwoods Building”, on the 2nd level in suite 205.

  • Address: 402 Office Park Drive, Suite 205, Mountain Brook AL 35223

Best way to Contact me or book

  • The best way to BOOK is through my online scheduler. You can secure your preferred service and time slot even if I'm in session without a clunky “back-and-forth” that I have a very hard time managing with a hectic schedule.

  • Texting is the next best option. I won’t respond while in session, but will try and respond between appointments. 205.259.9835

  • Phone calls are extremely difficult to take. If you leave me a message, I will try and return your call in one form or another when I get the opportunity. But talking on the phone is by far the worst way to schedule with me. Also, given that I am swamped with solicitors, con artists, time wasters, and honestly, perverts… I almost always screen calls anyway and it’s a rarity that I answer. Use my online scheduler please!

  • Emails. I discourage emails only because I have zero control over what goes randomly into my “SPAM” box and have missed important correspondence. If you choose to email, I will respond when I am able… or when I locate to misplaced message. Please send me a text message or call if you do not receive a response in a comfortable period of time.


Accepted methods of Payment:

  • Cash

  • Credit/Debit

  • Checks

  • Apple/Android Pay

  • Venmo

  • I accept Gold or silver bars too, but I’m not providing change.