Numbered on this page you will find explanations for the following:

  1. DIRECTIONS to my office

  2. Contact information/booking

  3. Payment Policy

  4. General Service Policy

  5. cancellation policy

  6. Gift certificate policy

  1. directions to my office:

I made the video below if that’s more helpful, but in short:

  • I’m in the Office Park Drive area in Mountain Brook off Highway 280

  • Turn in between the REGIONS and WELLS FARGO banks

  • Just drive up the hill and around the curve, passing Building 300 on your left…

  • On you left, after the 300 building, with be combined Buildings 400 and 402. They are attached.

  • I’m in 402, or “The Parkwoods Building”, on the 2nd level in suite 205.

  • Address: 402 Office Park Drive, Suite 205, Mountain Brook AL 35223

2. Contact information/bookING

  • BEST OPTION: Use my web scheduler to secure your appointment, with no clunky “back-and-forth” or waiting for a response.

  • TEXTING is the next best option - 205.259.9835 - I do NOT respond while in session.

  • PHONE CALLS are extremely difficult to manage. If calling, leave me a message. I will return your call when I get the opportunity, but it maybe hours or even the next day if I’m booked.

  • EMAILS. I discourage emails only because I have zero control over what goes randomly into my “SPAM” box and have missed important correspondence. If you choose to email, please send me a text message or call if you do not receive a response in a few hours:

3. Payment Policy

  • Payment will be expected at the conclusion of the massage service. I accept cash, personal check, Venmo transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Cash and personal check are preferable to credit/debit payments since I don't pay a fee, but I won't hold it against you. Some companies are allowing health savings plan payments... we can attempt them but do not depend on that as they are rejected half of the time.


I provide professional therapeutic massage and bodywork services to improve the health, wellness, and overall physical condition of my clients. The overall goal for all services provided are health oriented in general. I do not discriminate against gender, race, ethnic background, religious or political affiliations, sexual orientation, or any transitional states of any of the previous however you shape your personal identity crisis to be...

  • I discriminate against medical status. If a client has a medical condition, whether diagnosed or suspected, certain services may be deemed as inappropriate, be denied, and altered to a service that will not exacerbate existing or possible ailments.

  • I discriminate against age: Under aged minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian who will be expected to remain present throughout the entirety of the session.

  • I discriminate against inappropriate and illegal behavior: No "sensual" or sexual services are provided of any kind. ALL Alabama Laws governing massage therapy being followed in their entirety. No exceptions.

  • I discriminate against abusive clients. I tend to be a very giving and very lenient individual and many have abused that in the past. I reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason at any time at my full discretion.

5. cancellation policy

PLEASE TEXT ME if you will not be attending your appointment. I only apply a cancellation fee of half the cost of your booked service only if cancellation is made within TWO HOURS of your appointment time (making it very hard allow another to fill it). If you fail to cancel and do not attend the session, I apply a "NO SHOW" FEE of the full price of the reservation you booked. Only those who pay these fees will be welcomed to seek my services again in the future. I make canceling very easy and I respect your time. Please respect my time, my ability to make a living through filling these appointments, and the desire of others who would take your place if you vacated the reservation.

6. Gift certificate policy

  • For PURCHASED Gift Certificates: Gift Certificates will expire one year from the Purchase date. Gift certificate sales are non-refundable. In the event that a gift certificate was not used by the recipient, Serota Massage Therapy allows the buyer to use the monetary value of the unused/expired certificate towards a service during the first two months following the expiration date. Responsibility for using that opportunity is on the certificate buyer (who may contact Serota Massage Therapy anytime to inquire if their gift was used). After that period, expiration is considered to be final. That being said, please respect the intent of the generous loved one who gifted this service to you... USE IT!!!

  • For Donated Gift Certificates: These are extremely rare given that these have been historically abused 95% of the time. Gift Certificates will expire on the date listed on the certificate, usually in a short window of a few months following a charitable event to which the certificate was donated. These certificates have a monetary value of ZERO dollars, cannot be transferred to any other service, and cannot be used by the representatives/employees of the respective charities to which they were donated.