Big Changes: Effective July 1st

My service rates are:

  • $85 per 60 minutes

  • $125 per 90 minutes

  • $165 per 120 minutes

I’m adjusting to the average rate of therapists in the Greater Birmingham area, which is $85/$95 per hour. My whole pricing structure is changing, and here's how it benefits you:

  • EQUAL SERVICE RATES for all service modalities – Price lowers for Cupping Blanket treatments, Cupping Specialty treatments (Facial rejuvenation, etc...), Lymphatic drainage treatments

  • All Services become INTERCHANGABLE - upon request/as needed. Most people are curious about the other services, but apprehensive about paying for other services because they fear they may not get the same level of relief. This frees you to explore/receive the benefits of my other services, without fear of being locked in, while receiving the best service I can give you.

  • I'M FREE to use ALL of my training approaches for your benefit by incorporating spot treatments of my other modalities if and when the service you select may not be working to your advantage.