New Schedule and New Services!

SEC Football season kicks off on September 1st and largely reduces demand for appointments on Saturdays, so I will be closed on Weekends and opening my appointment hours throughout the week. New Hours are as follows:

  • Mon 12:00-7:15pm
  • Tu/Wed/Thu 10:00am-7:15pm
  • Fri 10:00am-6:30pm

I am considering being open on one Saturday a month for those who are interested in planning ahead. Let me know.

SomatoEmotional Release 1.jpeg

New Services! I recently took the third level of Craniosacral therapy, which moves into an approached call "SomatoEmotional Release." It is a very gentle, typically very relaxing modality that searches out where the body may be holding onto emotional trauma that leads to chronic problem areas and/or organ dysfunction. It was a very profound and productive class and I found the information and training to be extremely insightful. Furthermore, I picked up a very soft/soothing approach to unraveling problem areas that is extremely gentle and more productive than my typical intense, deep tissue approach. Those clients who have been on the receiving end so far have been impressed with how much more of an enjoyable experience their therapy has been with some of the newer techniques woven into their sessions.

For those who are interested, I have also retaken the Reiki Level 2 Training and signed up for the Master training that will take place in January. Reiki is a soothing/uplifting energy healing technique that is best described as highly spiritual but not necessarily religious. It's an extensive form of "laying on Hands" and intensive prayer where the therapist sends positive energy with loving/balancing intention into the client's main energy focal points or chakras/diaphragms. Honestly, I already weave Reiki into my Craniosacral and SomatoEmotional Release sessions since it's the energy component that really ignites the substantial number of changes that the client's body undergoes. And a small amount of Reiki is done during all of my regular massage/cupping sessions because it has proven so beneficial in amplifying the results. That being said, you are welcome to schedule/request pure Reiki sessions apart from any other service modalities. I have not promoted Reiki services so far and don't really intend to elevate it on my service menu until after the Master training. I have pursue Reiki primarily out of necessity, since negative energy is so easily released and transferred to the therapist and I was suffering from debilitating pain and weakness until I began practicing Reiki and various energy cleansing techniques. For those interested in more details, you may hit me up personally or inquire during your next appointment.