Late July Updates

Website overhaul! Please be patient with my tinkering, but it's long overdue!

My schedule has changed. Currently, I'm working Mon/Tue 12:00-8:00, Wed 2:00-8:00, Thu/Fri 10:00-8:00, and Sat 10:00-6:00. I will be CLOSING on Saturdays when college football season starts. Last year, it went from being packed to dead. This season, I will expand my hours throughout the week, but working Monday through Friday since weekends will have little demand.

Visceral Manipulation Training: I took a class studying how the abdominal organs have a range of motion as well as ligaments/membranes/connective tissues that are also subject to tension. This creates back/side/pelvic referral pains from the inside. It was a surprisingly beneficial course since it solved a personal issue of my side pain, which I assumed was from my oblique/ab exercises... but turned out to be my large intestine anchoring to the inside of the rib cage. I learned a lot.