Unwinding Meridians: Applying Acupuncture Principles to CranioSacral Therapy

I loved this course! It was a massive information dump of acupuncture techniques for acupressure and energy work applications. Dr. Kenneth Koles looked like a European cartoon character brought into the flesh, and he tore through the information with a passion that ticked off most of the other therapists in the class. Again, though, I LOVE IT. It filled in so many gaps from my own studies and I walked always with a much more thorough understanding of working with meridian points. I have already been able to help many of my clients with issues like neuropathy and emotional trauma. It’s dramatically helped me raise the therapeutic value of Swedish massage and other light touch approaches, where I can now release tension without the need for intense deep tissue work or cupping. That alone has made this more than worth it for my elderly clients and those recovering from physical trauma and surgery.


Bodywork for Depression and Anxiety

I went to beautiful Tazewell in North Tennessee to study “Bodywork for Depression and Anxiety” in late June. I was already familiar with much of the neuroscience from my biopsychology classes at UAB as well as some self study, but I did learn some beautiful breathwork techniques that I experienced first hand. Opening up breathing restrictions lead to tissue releases all throughout the body. Furthermore, there was a reintroduction to Foot Reflexology and working with specific meridian points in order to bring emotional trauma to the surface so that it can be released. Overall, I found I needed the class for my own therapy and it was a worthwhile experience.


Awarded Reiki Master Certification

I completed a personal benchmark today in becoming a Reiki Master. I absolutely loved the training and my mind is still trying to process the immense concepts that I learned as well as the experiences that I had on the receiving end of the training. And because of that, I am convicted and want to confess that I have been actively downplaying Reiki as a service for a long time. I have talked clients who wanted Reiki sessions out of it and into another modality time and time again. I was lying to them as well as to myself,

Reiki is the lifeblood behind all of my other services.

If you have been paying attention to my training, I have paid to take and RETAKE more Reiki Classes than any other courses or disciplines that I have pursued. Seriously, I have taken the first level training twice over because I found so much worth in it.

Bliss Reiki 1.jpeg
Reiki lvl 2.jpeg

I really felt that I needed to because I was so blown away with my personal experiences receiving the training, how it helped me, how it changed the way I experience my craft, and most importantly in how it was IMPROVING the quality of the therapy I was providing as well as shaping my very intention to do what is best for my clients. And I learned even more from repeating the training, so I did the same with Level Two course. The choices did not disappoint.

To really drive my point home, also pay for and receive more Reiki sessions for my personal therapy than I buy and receive massage services or cupping sessions on a fairly regular basis. Moreover, I do more Reiki self therapy than I do foam rolling or using my own cupping equipment on myself (which is fairly easy and feels pretty good). The deeper into Reiki I go, the more powerful and beneficial it is. I literally do Reiki every day.

Reiki 2 Sunny Cert.jpg
Bernard Serota - Reiki Master Certification

If you are my customer, I’m balancing myself with Reiki before coming in the room to begin your service on you. If you ever wonder why I so easily locate problems, it’s honestly and truly because of my Reiki training and how it has changed my sensitivity to a broader spectrum of problems. Your problems literally stand out often they can’t be ignored. To a certain extent, I’m doing a little Reiki all throughout any of your massage sessions, during cupping blankets, and Reiki is the soul driving force behind my Craniosacral and Somato-Emotional Release sessions (the technique is the modality, but Reiki is the gas thrown on the fire), as well as applied in any acupressure and meridian work. If you have been on me table, you probably have unknowingly received a little Reiki., of today, I have taken the Reiki Level One course twice and then followed suit in taking the Reiki Level Two course twice as well.

I hope you are beginning to see that I respect this therapeutic modality very much. I will be updating the Service Description for this service and you are welcome to ask me any additional questions. Reiki is unlike any of my other therapies in that it can reach far beyond any of them and minister to you not only on a physical level, but also on an mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I am not done studying it by far!

New Schedule and New Services!

SEC Football season kicks off on September 1st and largely reduces demand for appointments on Saturdays, so I will be closed on Weekends and opening my appointment hours throughout the week. New Hours are as follows:

  • Mon 12:00-7:15pm
  • Tu/Wed/Thu 10:00am-7:15pm
  • Fri 10:00am-6:30pm

I am considering being open on one Saturday a month for those who are interested in planning ahead. Let me know.

SomatoEmotional Release 1.jpeg

New Services! I recently took the third level of Craniosacral therapy, which moves into an approached call "SomatoEmotional Release." It is a very gentle, typically very relaxing modality that searches out where the body may be holding onto emotional trauma that leads to chronic problem areas and/or organ dysfunction. It was a very profound and productive class and I found the information and training to be extremely insightful. Furthermore, I picked up a very soft/soothing approach to unraveling problem areas that is extremely gentle and more productive than my typical intense, deep tissue approach. Those clients who have been on the receiving end so far have been impressed with how much more of an enjoyable experience their therapy has been with some of the newer techniques woven into their sessions.

For those who are interested, I have also retaken the Reiki Level 2 Training and signed up for the Master training that will take place in January. Reiki is a soothing/uplifting energy healing technique that is best described as highly spiritual but not necessarily religious. It's an extensive form of "laying on Hands" and intensive prayer where the therapist sends positive energy with loving/balancing intention into the client's main energy focal points or chakras/diaphragms. Honestly, I already weave Reiki into my Craniosacral and SomatoEmotional Release sessions since it's the energy component that really ignites the substantial number of changes that the client's body undergoes. And a small amount of Reiki is done during all of my regular massage/cupping sessions because it has proven so beneficial in amplifying the results. That being said, you are welcome to schedule/request pure Reiki sessions apart from any other service modalities. I have not promoted Reiki services so far and don't really intend to elevate it on my service menu until after the Master training. I have pursue Reiki primarily out of necessity, since negative energy is so easily released and transferred to the therapist and I was suffering from debilitating pain and weakness until I began practicing Reiki and various energy cleansing techniques. For those interested in more details, you may hit me up personally or inquire during your next appointment.

New Changes This March at Serota Massage Therapy!

As usual, I've been working way too hard... but I've got a few things to show for it! Two more classes down. I have recently completed the second level courses of both CranioSacral therapy and Reiki, and they have been added to my service menu and my service descriptions have been updated. I'm happy that these levels come with titles, since I'm now a "Reiki Practitioner" and a "CranioSacral Practitioner." I know it's not remotely important, but I'm excited about that!

There are also several beautifying & toning services that have been added with their own service category. In general, I've given my service menu an overhaul and there are many new options. Maybe you will find something you like!

I have updated my business hours. To prevent insanity, I'm closing on Wednesdays again. I can only work six days a week for so long. Don't like it??? Well... someone should have BOOKED ON A WEDNESDAY! It's the only day that I didn't have a single booking for the next several days out... weeks out... In Fact, there isn't another Wednesday appointment currently on my schedule for viewable eternity. So, I'm taking it off! New hours are:

  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 12pm - 8pm
  • Friday/Saturday: 10am - 6pm
  • Wednesday/Sunday: Closed

And just a side note... I'm coming up on a 9 day personal leave (March 17 through March 25th) that's been notated on my scheduler for the last four months. I will be closed and out of contact (really and truly). It's expected that I will have zero communication ability, so please don't be offended by my extended silence. I am not ignoring you... I have no cell service at all and no ability to respond. You will be able to book any appointment slots through my scheduler for when my business reopens and I will be approving all pending appointments on the 25th.

Reiki lvl 2.jpeg
6.15 (3).JPG
CranioSacral Therapy 2.jpeg

TMJ and Tiered hours!

Hopefully this will be the last schedule change for a while, but I have made some days more convenient for those who prefer morning appointment times and others for after work/evening appointments.

M/Tu/W: 12:00PM to 8:00PM

Th/F: 9:30AM to 6:00PM


TMJ relief massage is now available. If you or anyone you know struggles with chronic jaw, neck, facial pain or migraines in the facial/sinus area, this service may bring substantial relief to their issues.