Service Descriptions

The first five services listed - Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping Therapy, Reiki Healing Sessions, Craniosacral/SomatoEmotional Release Therapy, and Swedish Massage - are my primary/popular services that are available for booking through my online scheduler. In Miscellaneous Services are other assorted specialized services that I have been obtained training. Towards the bottom of the page are services that I have obtain training, but are not offered as stand alone sessions.


Deep Tissue Massage is the FIX ME massage where muscular pain, flexibility, range of motion and connective tissue problems are addressed through firm pressure and strong manual therapy applications. My Deep Tissue Massage does incorporate some cupping therapy applications for better results.

BENEFITS associated: Better relaxation for days to weeks following the session, reduction in muscular pain/tension, reduction and potential elimination in chronic pain/issues, improved posture, escalation in muscle recovery and growth following intense athletic events/workouts, and detoxification of bodily tissue. Deep tissue is also associated with helping chiropractors and physical therapists get more results out of their work since it reduces/eliminates muscular resistance.

Potential Negatives: It’s common to feel sore, depending on the severity of the problem and the pressure needed to address it… VERY SORE. Some people do not tolerate the intensity needed to accomplish relief and will flex their muscles throughout, lessening results and increasing the chance of being sore with less to show for it. There’s a strong detoxification and if an invididual is dehydrated and also carrying a large toxic load, they may become sick as those toxins recirculate through the lymph/blood to be expelled through the major detox pathways (DRINK WATER PLEASE!!!!).

Massage Sessions are offered as

  • 60 MINUTE SESSIONS for $75.00

  • 90 MINUTE SESSIONS for $112.50

  • 120 MINUTE SESSIONS for $150.00


A Cupping "Blanket" is a strong manual therapeutic service where suction is used to trigger fascial release, detoxification, increased lymph/blood circulation, and relieve muscular pain. The suction cups are strategically placed over a target muscle group for a duration of 5 to 30 minutes leading to a very gentle, slow, and profoundly relieving stretch of the body's connective tissue. The longer the duration and the stronger the suction, the deeper the connective tissue relief and detoxification. This approach is extremely beneficial for scar tissue and deep fascial adhesions (especially surgical), sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and rotator cuff issues.

BENEFITS associated: Reduces or eliminates muscular pain, relief for deep fascial adhesions, increased lymph/blood circulation, deep detoxification in and around cupping sites, and ultimately a higher metabolism. Cupping therapy can provide a different kind of “looseness” than massage therapy, since it affects the body's connective tissue so profoundly.  Cupping blankets trigger deep relaxation a few minutes into application, and some people feel euphoric following the connective tissue relief.

Potential Negatives: Because cupping therapy releases adhered connective tissue, it triggers a detoxification by releasing what is trapped beneath that tissue (usually cellular debris, toxins and wastes from cellular metabolism). The fluid movement will often bring this debris to the surface in a very visual way creating “cupping marks” - NOT BRUISES (bruising occurs with ruptured capillaries and traumatized tissue which is generally not the case with cupping therapy). Cupping would not be done if the bodily tissue was mass traumatized… come on! Occasionally there will be a slight bruise when is easily distinguishable from the mark. Furthermore, stronger side effects may occur depending on what is inside the individual. If someone has been on strong medications, uses recreational drugs, works with and around a lot of hazardous chemicals, swims in an heavily chlorinated bodies of water, is extremely inflamed, is on blood thinners, or who’s immune system is beginning to fight a myriad of invaders… the severity of detoxification and side effects will vary by the condition of the individuals. Marks may be darker and take a while to fade. Hazardous chemicals create blistering. And recreational drug users often experience a secondary high followed by a mildly angry massage therapist who has to wake them back up and get them out of my office. Please contact me with any questions you may have, but in years of doing this, I have seen only dark marks and some occasional blistering as the worst occurrences.

The general rule is that if it’s safe to massage, it’s safe to cup. But optimal Blanket target zones are generally the back, shoulders, abdomen, pelvis, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, feet, hands, and chest.

  • Cupping sessions are available in

    • 60 MINUTE SESSION addressing 2 target areas for $100.00

    • 90 MINUTE SESSION addressing 3 to 5 target areas for $150.00

    • Sessions above are also offered with massage therapy in service combinations under the cupping dropdown menu.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki has an incredible and beautiful dichotomy in it’s healing approach. While it is an extremely gentle, spiritual form of intensive hands-on-healing that can untangle physical issues that deep tissue and cupping can’t relieve… it is also heavily studied in the areas of cellular biology, physics, and quantum mechanics for initiating tissue regeneration. They have generated scientifically based, laboratory produced, and repeated results that strongly validate how Reiki can affect cell biology and encouraged regeneration on a significant, measurable, and repeatable level. And Reiki Practitioners are currently being utilized by the Mayo Clinic to work with cancer patients.

Some fun and interesting Science behind Reiki:

  1. GENERATING BIOMAGNETIC FIELDS, ELECTRICAL, and MAGNETIC QUALITIES: We have to shield our computer networks and sensitive equipment from the fields we generate without realizing that we are naturally energetic and magnetic beings. Early physics instruments originally measured the biomagnetic fields we create within out bodies in the early 1980s with instruments called the magnetometer and the superconducting quantum interference device (or SQUID). Ampere’s Law, one of the basic laws of physics, explains how both the electrical and magnetic forces are generated by electrical currents running through conductors within our body… only these are bodily tissues conducting the electricity, not wire coils. Since there are many bodily tissues conducting and cycling electricity, physics explains how these magnetic fields are formed and projected from and around the human body. Quantum Physics has yielded much better, sensitive, and precise measuring devices since these earlier detections. And physics experiments have demonstrated that Reiki practitioners create and project biomagnetic fields from their hands during healing sessions. And because these fields are being generated from a human source and not a machine, they are beautifully inconsistent. These human fields pulse, and this pulse has been shown to be within the optimal frequencies for igniting tissue reorganization and regeneration in nerves, ligaments, bone, capillaries, and other tissues of the body.

  2. GOOD VIBRATIONS: Vibrational devices have been made to mimic the healing effect created during Reiki and other forms of hands on healing approaches. There is a measurable increase in the vibrational oscillation of the atoms and molecules of the practitioner that influence reorganization and regeneration in the tissue of the recipient. Trial experiments have measured an average increase in 7Hz to 8Hz in the body/hands of hands on healing practitioners and have sited measurements as high as 30hz. This 7Hz to 8Hz range is the same frequency of most brain waves and is believed to alert and involve the central nervous system of the recipient to the area being work on… or to mimic similar stimulation as if the nervous system was initiating healing directives in the area. These vibrational ranges are in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range and it’s here that these frequency oscillations have demonstrated:

    1. at a 2Hz (or oscillations per second) increase, NERVE regeneration begins

    2. at a 7 Hz increase, BONE regeneration begins

    3. at a 10 Hz increase, TENDON and LIGAMENT regeneration begins

    4. at a 15 Hz increase, CAPILLARIES regeneration begins

  3. Reiki CURED CANCER in lab rats: After a series of “mysterious” cancer remission cases in hospital settings, especially with patients diagnosis with untreatable conditions, Reiki became the subject of numerous studies conducted by avid sceptics. One such sceptic was Krinsley D. Bengston, a research scientist who was actively studying various approaches to curing cancer with the use of lab rats he injected with cancer strains. Using a control group and an experimental group of infected labs rats, he brought in the Reiki master who was associated with a numerous hospital cancer remission to perform Reiki for one hour a day on the experimental group of rats. With no other differentiating factors in the study aside from Reiki treatments, the results were pretty astounding. The control group, which received zero treatments whatsoever, died on schedule with a 100% fatality rate. The experimental group had an incredible survival rate of 87.9%! Bengston went on to repeat this experiment four more times to produce similar results. He even augmented his study by taking two of the four experimental group rats that had survived cancer by receiving Reiki sessions, and REINJECTED THEM with the same strain of cancer. The cancer would not take and the rats remained cancer free. He found that the experimental group’s immune system improved and developed a powerful antibody resistance to that strain of cancer.

CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release


CranioSacral therapy is an amazing therapy modality that can be potentially be the answer to seemingly unrelated problems. In short, the structures and tissues surrounding your brain and spinal cord could be exerting pressure on or disrupting the healthy function of your brain, spinal cord, or nerves by connective adhesions or cranial pressures from obstructed movement! Weird things can happen when nerves are pressured and depending on the nerve, it can be potentially anything. CranioSacral Therapy assesses the health and movement of the connective tissue within the cranium and spinal cord, as well as the minute movement of the cranial bones of the skull and the circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) throughout the brain and spinal cord (which provides nourishment and carry away waste!). The adult cranial bones fuse together, but the material of the cranial sutures do allow for a small amount of expansion with the production and elimination of CSF. Calcium deposits building in the sutures, compression, injuries, and posture can affect the cranium's ability to expand and the CSF to flow throughout. Furthermore, the brain and spinal cord are covered by several layers of connective tissue that, like all other areas of your body, can become tight or adhered, creating migraines, tension headaches, jaw dysfunction, eye pressure and discomfort, ear pressures and discomfort, sinus restrictions, sinus headaches, and issues ALL THROUGHOUT the body if cranial nerves are compressed or restricted.

  • CranioSacral Therapy is not a massage and is done while the client is wearing comfortable but thin clothing (no denim please).

  • It is profoundly relaxing and gentle. The movements are subtle and noninvasive, but opening up the nerve pathways may lead to a "healing crisis" where the body begins to fix itself and leads to a reorganization of the tissue (happens naturally, unlike direct application such as deep tissue) and this reorganization may result in heavy detoxing or be uncomfortable before it's better. But most experience immediate relaxation and relief. Don't be discouraged, because wellness is worth it.

    • CranioSacral Therapy for 60 minutes is $80.00

    • CranioSacral Therapy for 90 minutes is $120.00

    • CranioSacral Therapy may be blended with other services at a later time, but it's my preference that you receive this service by itself as to better identify and distinguish the results instead of confusing them with the results of other services provided in tandem.


Swedish massage is soothing and sedating with very light pressure and is heavily characterized by sweeping motions across the skin. It is therapeutic for blood/lymph circulation and skin tone, but does not address muscular pain. Serota Swedish massage incorporates some elements of craniosacral therapy, foot/hand/facial acupressure therapy, and light cupping therapy movements for lymph drainage purposes.

  • Massage Sessions are offered as

    • 120 MINUTE SESSIONS for $150.00

    • 90 MINUTE SESSIONS for $112.50

    • 60 MINUTE SESSIONS for $75.00

miscellaneous services:

TMJ Relief


The TMJ Relief Protocol is an all encompassing deep tissue massage approach to relieving tension created by the soft tissue involved, around, and connected to the TMJ joint itself, as well as the seemingly unrelated structures and soft tissues that TMJ discomfort will commonly refer pain.

  • This protocol includes intraoral work in which I will be wearing sterilized gloves and access eight points within the mouth (muscles within the month that exert tension). This has been brought incredible relief to those who experience their primary tension from within the mouth.

  • For those who prefer a more gentle, and vastly different approach, consider CranioSacral Therapy.

Facial Rejuvenation 

Note the reduction in deep set wrinkles on the forehead, and the lessening of the fine lines all around the eyes. The bags under the eyes have firmed and the skin tone and color has improved with circumlation.

Note the reduction in deep set wrinkles on the forehead, and the lessening of the fine lines all around the eyes. The bags under the eyes have firmed and the skin tone and color has improved with circumlation.

Facial Rejuvenation will drain toxins creating water retention around the mouth, jaw, and neck, while promoting significant changes in the skin tone/color/firmness/fullness. This was a short 20 minute session, and more can be achieved.

Facial Rejuvenation will drain toxins creating water retention around the mouth, jaw, and neck, while promoting significant changes in the skin tone/color/firmness/fullness. This was a short 20 minute session, and more can be achieved.

  • A facial cupping technique using gentle hand-blown glass cupping instruments that do not leave marks, but they do detoxify the face, restore blood and lymph circulation, relieve the connective tissues beneath the skin, reduce bloating, break down deep-set wrinkles, and can temporarily eliminate fine lines. This process does stimulate collagen production which leads to LONG TERM RESULTS with repeated sessions. This picture was the result of only one short 20 minute session! WARNING: Facial rejuvenation is a detoxifying treatment and will not harm you, but it will stimulate healthy elimination of fillers injected into the skin where treated. If you have invested in those services and still want to try Facial Rejuvenation, book towards the end of the treatment's active life.

    • Facial Rejuvenation (60 min) -$100

Foot Reflexology/Acupressure

  • Foot reflexology is an acupressure treatment where pressure points/zones located on the feet associated with areas and organs throughout the body are accessed. This service is very relaxing to the body and relieving to the feet.




services that are not offered as “stand alone”:

Lymph Drainage Therapy

Interstitial fluid around your cells becomes "lymph" when it's drawn into the lymph capillaries. When dehydrated, water can pass back out of the capillary walls, where germs, metabolic wastes, large proteins, medications, and various chemicals cannot. The lymph can continue to thicken until it literally gels and gums up the waste removal process from regional tissues or organs. Just like a fish in a dirty tank, your cells will not thrive when they are forced to operate in their own waste...

Interstitial fluid around your cells becomes "lymph" when it's drawn into the lymph capillaries. When dehydrated, water can pass back out of the capillary walls, where germs, metabolic wastes, large proteins, medications, and various chemicals cannot. The lymph can continue to thicken until it literally gels and gums up the waste removal process from regional tissues or organs. Just like a fish in a dirty tank, your cells will not thrive when they are forced to operate in their own waste...

  • Lymph drainage therapy (LDT1) is a very light touch therapy that aims to gently stimulate superficial lymph capillary action. But it is extremely soothing and strongly detoxifying. The original training does not include massage, but for best results, I incorporate Swedish techniques and cupping massage movements, and cupping approaches to reducing cellulite and for detoxing the abdomen. This is a light pressure massage that primarily targets the body's superficial water layer, so it will not leave you with the feeling of being worked out as a deep tissue session would, but it's very soothing. Benefits of Lymph Drainage therapy are reduced swelling/bloating, significant reduction in cellulite, detoxification of the skin, increased circulation, increased lymph capillary activity, and higher metabolism with a body less taxed by a toxic load. There can also be an improvement in digestion with abdominal work. Clients who receive this work should also intake significant amounts of water following the session. If there is a high toxic load, there's potential of getting dehydrated and ill as the body eliminates it, so drinking water is essential.

Visceral Manipulation Therapy

  • Your organs have a range of motion (they flow up and down with expanding of your lungs while breathing) and anchoring structures (membranes and ligaments) that connect them to other organs, bones, and the outer abdominal wall. These connective tissues are not very different from those of your skin and muscles, and can be under considerable tension which will create referral pain or interfere with organ function.

    • The stomach can actually create neck pain (think of how it can pull on the esophagus, which runs down your throat and anchored throughout your neck).

    • The small intestine is anchored to your lower back in the lumbar region by the mesentery, which can pull on your low back from the inside, creating LOW BACK PAIN.

    • The large intestine can create side pain at the base of the ribs and referral pains throughout the pelvis and to the interior of the knees.

    • The liver can restrict diaphragm range of motion. One of the liver's surrounding membranes actually penetrates every aspect of the liver and when stretched, it can restore/improve liver function.

  • Visceral Manipulation Therapy is a gentle, but direct manipulation of the internal organs of the abdomen to bring relief and restore better function and range of motion to the visceral. It's extremely common for surgery or injury to create additional adhesions that this modality would work towards correcting.